Create your own trading strategies. In unlimited ways.

Or subscribe to proven strategies and go live right away!

Code your Strategies

In your favorite language - Perl, Python or Java. Use powerful financial analysis libraries for unlimited functionality.

Backtest It

Backtest your strategy to see how it would've performed in real markets, with past data, upto 15 years EOD, 2 years intraday

Limit Free

Your strategy can be intraday, swing trading, year long, across CM, FNO or combine all of these in one single strategy

Take it Live

Run your strategy live, with fully automated trading through Zerodha API

Take Control

Take over from auto-trade and manually drive it at any time


Subcribe to proven strategies and go live right away!


Review & analyze past performance of each algo. Track it live.

Try It

Subscribe to any/all algos and watch them perform for a month. Free.

See Everything

The algo can monitor all margin scripts live and pick the best match.

Subscribe to Proven Strategies

You can subscribe to any/all of existing strategies that were backtested, live-tested and profitably trading in the market, with fully automated trades. Do profit sharing with the algo owner.

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How It Works

Quant India (QI) Provides a powerful platform for coding, backtesting, live-testing and live-trading of your strategies. Break free from proprietary scripting and code your strategy in your favorite language - Perl, Python, Java... Once proven through backtesting and live-trading, you can attract investors to invest in your strategy, with fair profit sharing among the parties. If you are an investor looking to invest in algo trading, you have come to the right place - choose from many proven algos, review the P/L characteristics and pick your favorite strategies for fully-automated trading. You can monitor the algo run in real time and take control whenever you want to. Subscribe/unsubscribe to any algo at any time.

Our Services

QI Provides the following Services,
  • For Algo Developers : You can use the QI's powerful platform to code trading algorithms in Perl and/or Python. Just follow the coding guidelines to access the QI APIs to get past/live market data, fire trades to your broker and automatically generate analytical reports on algo performance.
  • For Investors : QI provides an authentic platform for investor to find, interact, evaluate and subscribe to proven trading strategies with full auto-trade capabilities. Subscribe/unsubscribe at any time. Adjust your investments, change algo parameters and switch over to manual/auto mode - you are the boss! Share your profits with the algo developers (only if the profit crosses a minimum limit).
  • For Brokers : Expand your client base by adding your trade API into the QI platform. Earn profits through brokerage as well as profit sharing.
  • For Programmers : So you don't know much about trading, but have awesome programming skills? Join our community and earn by coding the strategies needed by other traders.
  • For Traders : So you have some awesome trading strategy, but don't know how to code it? No worries. QI can help you get it done through talented coders from the QI Community!

The QI Ecosystem

Features FAQ

Sl. No. Feature Availability
1 100% Automated Trading Yes
2 Market coverage - CM, MCX, CDS, FUTURES, OPTIONS Yes
3 Can I automate my own strategy/algorithm? Yes
4 Can other users subscribe to my strategy? Yes
5 Can I Stop or Squareoff my strategy at any time? Yes
6 As a subscriber to a strategy, can I Stop or Squareoff during trading hours? Yes
7 I am an investor. Can I subscribe to multiple strategies? Yes
8 Can I individually Stop or Squareoff each strategy I have subscribed to? Yes
9 Can I subscribe/unsubscribe to/from any strategy at any time? Yes
10 Can I just watch the Algo doing paper trading instead of actual trading on any day? Yes
11 Can I just watch how things work under QI system without actually linking my trading account? Yes
12 Can I see the orders and trades (auto-executed by an Algo)  in my Zerodha Terminal Yes
13 Can I see my cash margins in real time in QI, both for Equity and Commodity? Yes
14 Can I change the investment amount and/or quantity for a strategy I have suscribed to? Yes
15 Can I track Algo-wise P/L in my QI account in real time? Yes
16 As an Algo/Strategy Owner, can I globally Stop or Squareoff the Algo across all users? Yes
17 As an Algo Owner, can I choose not to run the Algo for a day? Yes
18 As an Algo Owner, can I see all the users cuurently subscribed to my Algo? Yes
19 As an Algo Owner, can I unsubscribe a user from my Algo subscribers? Yes
20 How much it costs to automate a simple strategy, like intrady SMA crossover on CRUDEOILM? Rs.15k
21 How much time it will take to develop the above Few Days
22 How much it costs to automate a complex strategy involving like multi-technical-indicator, multi-stock, multi-segment, mixed-timeline Rs.25k to 2L
23 How much time it will take to develop a complex strategy few weeks to 1-3 months
24 Can I automate my strategy which is completely custom and has no technical indicators? Yes
25 Can my strategy involve both intraday and multi-day carryover of positions? Yes
26 Will the system show me which orders are fired by which Algo? Yes
27 Once my strategy is automated, can I immediately start the auto-trading by linking my Zerodha account? Yes
28 Can I immediately ask my friends to subscribe to my strategy? Yes

About Us

Quant India started in 2017 with a vision to empower retail traders in India with robust algorithmic trading capabilities, to facilitate strategy developers to prove their trading methods on a standard platform and to attract investors to invest in them, with fair profit sharing, to be an authentic place for investors to find, interact, engage and profitably trade through proven trading algorithms with full auto-trade capabilities.

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